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After 15 years, I want to buy weed online Canada, because purchasing from my local dealer just isn’t good enough these days. Whenever I get weed from my dealer they never know exactly what strain it is. I prefer Sativa strains over Indica Strains because kush makes me sleepy and STONED. I would rather like to feel a perk of energy and creativity in which you get from Sativa strains. All these years of me buying weed, I am happy to say that I am glad it has finally been legal in Canada. The only thing is, you have to buy it from certain government websites and they dont have all the strains. Check out Green Labs Canada, they have strains you cannot find anywhere else.

Here are some strains they do carry, let me share the indica strains:

Death Bubba Canada – Indica
Pink Kush Canada – Indica
Rockstar Indica

At Green Labs they carry buds by A quality. Buy AAAA Cannabis online, shipped directly to you house.

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