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We believe the most important part on a motorcycle is tires, you do not want them to fall off or blow up causing injury or death. Daily inspection of the motorcycle tires are needed. Check for wear and tear, punctures and objects that could be wedged in the motorcycle tires causing damage.

At Blackfoot online, we offer our customers a huge selection of high quality and affordable riding tires to choose from. Brands like Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, Mitas, Pirelli, continental, Metzeler and many more are all available both in our physical store and online marketplace.

You can usually get a couple of seasons out of a tire before it starts to wear out. The back tire is always wider then the front tire. I have personally used Dunlop and they have been great. There are Lots and LOTS of different types of tires around on the market today, as a rider, it is important to understand that these models can vary greatly in their abilities. There is free shipping in Canada online over $48 and shipped from our warehouse in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Shop here for Motorcycle Tires

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