Stacyc Electric Bikes | Blackfoot Motosports

The kids are going to love this balanced Stacyc Electric bikes. Perfect for 3 – 5 year old rippers under 75 pounds. The bike comes in 2 sizes, 12 inch tires and 16 inch tires which can heighten it for taller youngsters. Stacyc bikes proprietary drive system has 3 power selection modes, low 5 MPH, medium 7 MPH and High Advanced mode 9 MPH. Unlike the OSET bikes, it is much lighter and affordable.

Allows for an exceptional amount of fun outdoors, getting thousands of hours of hand-eye coordination, balance, and outdoor exercise.

Firstly, where can you get these awesome machines in Canada? Blackfoot Motosports is the only dealer in the nation that carries Stacyc Electric Bikes, and they can be purchased and shipped online!


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